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Performance Marketing Agency That Gets It

"It" being the in-depth, proven process of campaign design and conversion optimization that brings in more results every single time.

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Creativity + Data + UX = Awesome Brand Experience

We marry the creativity of humans with analytics and data of machines to arrive at insights that help us craft brand experiences that not only look good but convert well, too (because who doesn't like more revenue?)


Almost all of our success in performance marketing can be attributed to the brilliant team at Guava Digital.

They understand ads, conversion optimization, content and how to properly build a full-funnel experience.

Rachit Jain - Guava testimonial

Rachit Jain

Founder, Youth4Work.com

Focus on full-funnel marketing, not just the top

You've got an agency, fine (<eye roll>), but are they as laser-focused on the full-funnel experience as we are?

Do they do this:

  • Set up Structural Conversion Audit of your entire account

  • End-to-end work on the landing pages, including the thank-you page funnel?

  • Helping you with your organic funnel, as part of the performance marketing?

  • Have regular calls with your sales team, to understand how are the leads performing?

Structural Conversion Audit

A structural Conversion Audit helps us understand where the leakage in your funnel is. Ads, pages, emails - we check it all to identify the elements that aren't performing well.

Landing Pages

A great man once said: "People who are really serious about their performance marketing should build their own landing pages."

And we agree. 

The Organic Funnel

You never thought of this one - did you?

How can you structure your organically ranked pages and Social Media profiles to turn them into a funnel?

Sales Optimization

Work closely with the sales team to optimize the sales process and to understand the feedback on leads and sales.

We are conversion focused

What is it worth to you if your conversion rate improves from 1% to 1.2%? What if it becomes 5%?

Conversion optimization is often the overlooked practice in most agencies. We take the conversion-first approach to designing creative, content and campaigns

Us + Multiple Marketing Channels = Awesomeness

Ads, SMS, Emails, Messengers are an important par of our full-funnel strategy. We understand (and work with) them all to help optimize the marketing to get you the revenue that you rightly deserve.


Implement Retention Marketing to Improve LTV

Structure the full-funnel through not only just ads but also Email, SMS, Messenger/Chat-bots. Build experiences based on a deep understanding of where a user has been and what was her last-touch experience.


How Our Process Works

This is our high level process that we go through with every client of ours.

  • Strategy Call

  • We discuss about the current state of your account, and the desired state. Then we do a deep dive into your content. And then device a strategy around that to get to you desired goal.

  • Goal Settings

  • We prepare a 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months goal for your account. We write down each and every step that will be covered. And then we have a tracking system in place to see if we are hitting our goals.

  • Execution

  • This is the part where your experts take over and execute all the steps, right from account structure and maintenance, ads and landing page creation, scheduling, optimization and reports. Everything is taken care of. 

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    Our Happy Money-Making Customers

    Working with us is your shortcut to scaling your business.

    Ever since we have started working with Guava, our leads have increased and we are able to generate consistent revenue.

    We are now expanding our marketing efforts.

    Dhaval Kotecha

    FOUNDER, RapidRadio

    Guava understood our objectives clearly and helped us unlock huge growth via paid ad and conversion optimization.

    The team has an excellent understanding of how marketing works. 

    Dr. Kunal Shet


    The Guava Digital team helped us scale our business fast.

    Within the first year we were closing more business per month than we used to close in six months. Very happy with the results.

    Kunal Shah

    Raw Steen

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